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Don’t need home insurance? What about auto insurance? You might want to think twice about that one. With the amount of litigation going on out there every day, not having insurance might cost you everything you own and then some. If you start to look at it that way, getting insurance starts to look like a pretty smart idea, if not something you just cant do without. It comes down to how much you care about the things that are in your name. Anything in your personal name is an easy target for litigation. If you want to loose something, have it in your name. Like your motorbike? Get motorcycle insurance. Insurance or not, you should consider getting all your valuables out of your name and into a corporation or a trust as soon as you can. This is a smart strategy rich people use with everything they own.

Insurance has other purposes though, like making sure other people are protected for your mistakes. If you have a car accident today and destroy some poor sap’s vehicle, your insurance will replace the person’s vehicle. If you don’t have insurance or the money to pay for the car you wrecked, that individual you hit, would be out of luck and loose their wheels. What if that car was their only way to get to work? They would loose their job; have no money and so on. You having insurance prevent the “butterfly” effect that comes from accidents. Insurance is meant to “fix” things or problems.

What about life insurance or better yet disability insurance? They are a good idea to protect you and your loved ones should something unfortunate happen. Health care insurance can also be a huge benefit as the cost of health care and dental costs continue to climb higher each year.

Tenant insurance is a good idea is you’re a renter and want to protect your personal possessions. Lets not forget to discuss insurance scams.

Whether you own millions of dollars in assets or are just living pay check to pay check, you should have insurance. The little money you pay every month is miniscule compared to what you might have to pay as a result of a judgement against you in court.

As difficult as monthly insurance premiums might be to swallow, the inherent peace of mind of that comes with being financially protected far outweighs the dollars and cents spent. Do yourself a favour, call local insurance brokers and at least consider getting insurance if you don’t already have it.

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