A Car Insurance Rant!

Let’s talk car insurance. I know you feel ripped off every month when you pay your car insurance premium bill and you never get anything tangible in return. Especially if you have a huge deductible or just collision coverage. If you bang a dent in your bumper you might as well not even have auto insurance because you still have to pay out of pocket. The only thing car insurance seems to protect anymore is themselves.

car insurance rant

Old cars need car insurance too...

Gone are the days when you paid a fair price for car insurance and when something happened, no matter how small, they were there to help. It soon became fashionable to sue people with unnecessary and frivolous litigations. I blame the injury lawyers for all of this insanity. If they had told people that came to them with these trumped up insurance problems to go home and get a life. We probably wouldn’t be paying through the nose each month.

Anyway, we can bitch about it all we want but we still have to have car insurance if you want to drive on our highways. That said, what is the coverage you need to get by? Well that all depends on your ride. If you have a new car, you want full coverage including full replacement coverage. That is what is says, full replacement. You can be back in the exact same vehicle. If you choose not to get another vehicle with the same payment plan as before then the insurance pays off the full balance of the loan.

Now if you have an older car you have to ask yourself how much insurance she is worth. Would the vehicle be worth repairing if you got into a bit of a bang up? Insurance scams don’t really happen on old cars. Would a new bumper cost more than what the car is worth? If your car is only worth the amount of gas you have in the tank then I would just get collision. You can go a step up and get fire and theft with a deductible, go out and get an insurance quote. You will want to check your blue book value before you decide to do that. Just make sure your deductible isn’t more than what the car is worth. And remember that the longer you own your car the more you should alter your coverage that is best for your vehicle.

It’s also a great idea to keep all your insurance policies with one provider, talk to an insurance broker who deals with many insurance companies to choose from. I hate to use the word bundling but it does have it’s benefits. Also if your banking institution offers cheap insurance coverage it would be best to check out their prices. You definitely want to get quotes before you buy. Don’t go for the first one. Check around and make sure you have the right one for now and for the future.

Remember, you should never operate a motor vehicle without the proper coverage. It will cost you more than it’s worth if you get stopped by the police. Not to mention the fact that if you get charged with driving without insurance you will find when you try to buy car insurance you will be paying their highest premium. You will be punished by the court and levied with a heavy fine and then you will be punished for years by the insurance company. No it’s just not worth it.

So get car insurance, be covered and stay safe.

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