Accident Injury Lawyers and Insurance Companies – Enemies?

Accident injury lawyers have become common place in our world, from slips and falls to automotive accidents, injury law pervades many aspects of our lives.

Accident Injury Lawyers Slip 'n Slide

Ooh no! I'm gonna need my accident injury lawyers!

If someone slips and falls on your property, you may be faced with a lawsuit and you will be forced to defend yourself in a court of law. Many people may believe that they are not at fault, but will quickly learn that the justice system in their respective country forces them to go beyond what they believe to be common sense and what many of us would deem reasonable, hence the need for accident injury lawyers.

The idea that accident injury lawyers and the lawsuits they present are frivolous is common, however, there are many instances where these laws have served to adequately protect or compensate someone that has been wronged through no fault of their own. Whether it’s from an icy sidewalk or whiplash from a collision, many people have had their lives permanently altered by the carelessness of another. There exists a need for accident injury lawyers. What many deem as frivolous lawsuits, may be seen as a last opportunity, by the victim, to recover money they view as lost potential income due to that accident.

For every injury law plaintiff that is exaggerating their injuries, there is a legitimate victim who is genuinely harmed by the fault of another; unfortunately the law can’t always differentiate between the two. It is up to the accident injury lawyer to do his best to represent his client the best he can.

In an automotive accident, thousands of pounds of steel slam together, and our relatively tender bodies are made to deal with forces that evolution never prepared us for. In fact, due to our leisurely lifestyles and ease of access to necessities of life, humans are becoming weaker and more prone to injury. There is a direct correlation between the weakening of humans and the increase in accident injury lawyers pursuing injury lawsuits for their clients. Whereas our ancestors may have been able to recover quickly from a fall, our bones may break or cause other long term damage. This is especially prevalent in elderly people, as the average life expectancy increases the number of injuries suffered by the elderly also increases.

What is deemed a safe environment for a teenager may be a death trap for someone with less agility, strength and overall mobility. This creates a tricky situation for injury accident injury lawyers that practice the law and the politicians that create the laws.

While our instincts tell us to refer to the pervasive idea that all accident injury lawyers lawsuits are fraudulent (the idea of a healthy defendant in a court room with a neck brace to gain sympathy from a jury has become a staple in television shows and movies), there are many cases where people have their lives destroyed by what some may view as a minor injury.

Accident Injury Lawyers Fall Down

Where are accident injury lawyers when you need them...

A serious blow to the head from an injury can cause a lifetime of crippling migraines that may force an individual to leave their career altogether. Injury law and accident injury lawyers protect those people, but sometimes it can also serve to accommodate the dastardly.

Many of us have heard of “ambulance chasers” or accident injury lawyers who encourage their clients to feign an injury, or to exaggerate whatever injuries that they have, to ensure a favourable settlement at the conclusion. Many injury lawyers (and clients for that matter) view this kind of behavior as acceptable because they believe that the law is an imperfect system that is meant to be exploited. While they are exaggerating their injuries, the other side will seek to diminish the seriousness of any injuries that were legitimately suffered. This adversarial system of injury law is a major contributing factor to the idea that the law is corrupt and dysfunctional. However, this system allows both sides to argue their case strongly, and leaves it up to a jury or a judge to hopefully see the middle ground and to come to a fair settlement. Clients using reputable accident injury lawyers can only hope to get what they deserve.

Accident Injury Lawyers Can Help

We rarely hear about fair settlements accident injury lawyers manage to attain, we usually only hear about someone who abuses the system and gets caught. What comes to our mind is the image of a man whose back was so badly injured that he can’t work but is seen playing football with the kids in the back yard; however that image is contrasted by the employee with nerve pain so intense that they are huddled over in pain on the job unable to work to their fullest because injury law worked against them and forced them back into the workplace.

While you may have disability or worker’s compensation benefits through the government or your employer, they are rarely even half of what you would receive from full time employment. Most people live on shoestring budgets and simply can’t accommodate a loss of income, hence the need for accident injury lawyers.

Injury law isn’t just about compensating those that are wronged.  These laws and accident injury lawyers also serve to protect people from unscrupulous or lazy people and businesses. Like the homeowner that refuses to shovel their sidewalk in the winter, or  a business that chooses to dump chemicals into ground water rather than properly disposing of toxic material. Everyday of our lives we are the potential victims of these people, and sometimes it’s nothing but sheer luck that protects us.

When we encounter a situation in our lives where we become the victim of a serious injury, we may be forced to use the full extent of the law to ensure that our lifestyle is not permanently altered in a negative way. Some people believe that it is somehow wrong or immoral to use accident injury lawyers and argue for adequate compensation in a court of law due to the number of people who abuse the system, but I believe the opposite is true; the legitimate victims who refuse to use accident injury lawyers to protect themselves from the fault of others, only serve to victimize others in a similar situation and protect those who exploit it. The more legitimate cases that receive fair compensation, the less room the unscrupulous have to argue for inexplicable amounts. This is where the insurance companies often become deeply involved.

While some accident injury lawyer cases are handled between two people, most injury lawsuits happen between insurance companies. When there is an automotive accident, it is customary (and legally required in most jurisdictions) to exchange insurance information, even if the damage is deemed to be negligible.

When an injury occurs on the scene, the police or emergency services will be called and a report will be detailed by the responding officer. If someone is found to be at fault in that police report, it will be used in court to argue that they should also be financially responsible for whatever losses deemed to be suffered by their victim. Accident injury lawyers use this type of information to strengthen their cause.

The insurance company of the offending driver will often try to settle for a smaller amount out of court rather than spend the money and use the resources to argue their case in court against accident injury lawyers. Often times, that settlement will be the last ditch effort of the insurance company when they are sure they will lose the case. If you are ever the victim of another driver, and their insurance company offers you a settlement, you are best served to contact accident injury lawyers to be sure you’re not being unfairly compensated by an unscrupulous insurance agency.

Accident Injury Lawyers Courts

Accident Injury Lawyers Court - a fun place... not!

If you are the victim, you must remember that to an insurance company, it’s a business transaction and they will seek to spend as little money as possible, including trying to avoid having to negotiate with dreaded accident injury lawyers. While most of us may deem this as immoral, the insurance company has little choice but to argue due to responsibilities to their shareholders and to the business overall. Dealing with accident injury lawyers is not good for business as payout amounts tend to increase significantly.

The adversarial nature of injury law guarantees that it will be exploited, and when the court of law serves as the primary environment of a company’s business transactions, they will be forced to put the financial priorities of that business ahead of all else.

Minor collisions often avoid the courts entirely. Individuals will often settle any damages privately without the advice of accident injury lawyers or making an automotive insurance claim because that claim will usually result in increased insurance premiums. This helps ensure that most claims made to car insurance companies are complicated and can’t be settled quickly and easily; or just a sign that the driver at fault does not have the personal wealth to adequately compensate his victim.

In cases like these, the insurance company becomes an advocate for their client, and as a result, they will be forced to argue the case aggressively or they will lose money. They will be prepared with educated and informed lawyers and you need to be prepared with qualified accident injury lawyers.  Unfortunately, there are no insurance laws in place that can fairly and accurately settle every case to the benefit of all parties. Someone is going to end up getting the short end of the stick, and when you are involved in injury law, it is always in your best interest to defend yourself as strongly as possible with the best accident injury lawyers you can find, whether you are a private citizen, a business person, or an insurance company.

In conclusion, there are as many accident injury lawyers as there are aspects of injury law.  This needs to be considered when you are involved in an incident that requires litigation. If you can’t settle the situation civilly, it is always in your best interest to contact your insurance agency or accident injury lawyers immediately. If you feel they are not representing you appropriately, you can always consult another accident injury lawyer who may be more familiar with your particular litigation.

In the event that you are permanently injured through the fault of another, it’s in your best interest to hire accident injury lawyers and use the full extent of the law to gain compensation for yourself, because nobody is going to just give it to you. If you are made unable to adequately provide for yourself financially due to the actions of another, it is ultimately your responsibility to use accident injury lawyers as best you can to protect yourself from future financial difficulties.  Even if you have some feelings of guilt that the system may unfairly award you an amount significantly higher than you deserve. The other side of that argument is that you are not awarded effectively by the courts and you may face a future of poverty or even homelessness due to your injuries.

In a country of laws, it is your responsibility as a citizen to exercise your rights and use the laws we have put in place to settle conflicts with accident injury lawyers, rather than using your own perception. Justice is blind but it has great hearing.

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