Health Insurance Coverage for the Road!

Health Insurance Coverage While Driving on Foreign Roads

Make sure you have health insurance before you leave town. With high cost of airline travel these days some of us Canadians are using our cars and driving to southern destinations. This brings up new issues of health insurance coverage while outside of Canada.

A large part of the Canadian population lives very near the border with the U.S. It became common place for us to “pop across” to the States for a day of shopping or sight seeing. Of course now with the increased security things have changed and we need our passports now just to visit our next door neighbours, who do not have the healthcare insurance coverage Canadians have.

Health insurance on the road

Health insurance while travelling is a smart plan.

O.K. so a little thing like a passport isn’t going to stop you from exploring the continent, but insurance should be on you mind and you should certainly take the time to speak to an insurance broker and discuss your options. The insurance premiums are can be quite affordable and well worth the cost.

Health Insurance is a Good Idea!

Have you thought about your health insurance coverage when you “pop across”? What about your car insurance coverage? Does it protect you when you leave the country? Some cheap car insurance policies just don’t have the same extensive coverage you might need. Read your insurance company policy and find out what your actual coverage is.

Are you covered in case you have an accident that requires any American hospital treatment? The smallest thing like a fractured bone can cost you a lot if you don’t have the right health insurance coverage.

If you are planning to drive to the US or Mexico speak to your current insurance provider about health insurance, to be clear on your coverage. If you travel out of country on a regular basis then you need yearly health insurance coverage. If you only go once in a while you can check if your insurance broker has a package that you can buy for a particular trip. Don’t forget that if you are a member of your local CAA or AMA, they have travelers health insurance you might want to check out.

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