Insurance Quote Shopping Works!

Insurance Quote Shopping Will Work For You!

When shopping for insurance quotes it is beneficial to know what you need and how much you can afford. What amount of car insurance coverage you need will depend on your vehicle’s age and condition, contact and speak to a reputable insurance broker at a reputable insurance company. After that, contact the insurance companies directly and compare prices. If you have an older car you can go with less coverage than you would need for a new vehicle. Possibly if it is old and paid off you could just carry liability and for go the cost of collision. Of course if you are making monthly payments on a newer model you will have to have collision to keep the lender happy. That could also amount in what you pay every month in insurance premiums.

Whatever amount of coverage you need from liability up to full coverage, you definitely need to shop around. This is one area of your life that you really need to find the best bang for your buck. If you use a broker, he will assist you should you have an insurance problem leading to an insurance claim.

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Insurance Quote Shopping Saves Money!

Naturally you will want to get quotes from various insurance vendors. Ask lots of questions, get the best offer you can for the least price. After getting a quote you may want to ask the auto insurance agent what kind of deal you could get if you were to move your residence, life or other vehicle insurance to the same provider. You will save by bundling all your coverage with one provider. Comparing car insurance is a good idea, plain and simple.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Let your agent know what you expect from them by means of service but also be honest with what you can afford each month. I was calling around for insurance a few years ago and the difference in quotes were extreme to say the least. Talking to a broker he quoted me at $130. per month and I had to pay the first 6 months up front before I could pay monthly. That was $1560.00 per year. At that time I had been driving for 30 years without an accident. I called around and finally found the same coverage for $68.00 per month nothing up front and monthly payments. So naturally I also bought content insurance on my apartment and it still came to less a month than the other guy.

I can’t understand why anyone goes through a broker anymore. You must consider that when using a broker as compared to calling an insurance provider directly, you are going to pay more because the brokers salary must be included in your payments. Why would anyone pay for a middle man when there is really no need to. The commercials say that a broker is right there with you when you need them but from my experience there is no difference. You still have to make that call from the accident site. I’ve never seen a broker appear on scene to assist a client. The assessor still has to view the vehicle damage so you are no better off with a broker in fact you are worse off due to the increase in cost.

When insurance quote shopping, call around for quotes before deciding but I strongly suggest using the big name insurance companies direct and eliminate the costly middle man.

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