Auto insurance. A need or a waste?

A lot of us have auto insurance on our cars. Most of us who own cars pay for insurance on those cars. Do we do it because we have to? For those of us who are law abiding citizens, we pay for automobile insurance because it is a legal requirement for us to have it on our vehicles.

Surely you have heard of someone who has been in an automobile collision involving somebody who didn’t have insurance and ended up getting the shaft when it comes to getting their vehicle repaired. It is unfortunate but it happens every day, Auto or car insurance protects both parties involved in the unfortunate instance of a collision. It is a wise thing to have although sometimes the cost is large. In fact, in most cases, the cost gets larger the more collisions you have been in. Sometimes, the cost of the auto insurance coverage is so great the owner of the vehicle simply cannot afford to keep their car on the road anymore and id forced to find alternative methods of transportation.

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In automobile insurance as, with any insurance, there are people who abuse the system, the amount of fraud is rampant and is becoming more of a problem year after year. When comparing car insurance, ask some questions. The scams are various, from the old “slam on the brakes in front of an unsuspecting motorist and sue for whiplash when they hit you” scam to the “steal my car and I’ll give you half the auto insurance proceeds” scam. More intricate scams pop up every year, sucking millions of dollars from the auto insurance companies and in turn, driving up the cost of you premiums. It is unfortunate but it is also a reality.

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There are steps you can take to keep the cost of your auto insurance down to a minimum. The most obvious is to be a good driver. Drive defensively and use some common sense. If your driving skills are lacking behind a little, consider taking a drivers course to sharpen yourself up. It is worth the few bucks. You should also use an auto insurance broker to purchase your insurance. Make sure they deal with many automobile insurance companies and get quotes from them all. You want your auto insurance providers to compete against each other for your business. This will increase competition for them and force them to lower the auto insurance prices they charge consumers; that goes for motorcycle insurance as well.

Happy motoring!

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