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With the way things are these days, so much for cheap insurance, right? We have had years of outrageous law suits that insurance firms have had to payout due to a court ruling. This has done nothing but make our once, cheap insurance premiums go up and up and the service to go down. How could the courts allow the insane amounts of insurance money awarded to “sufferers” over the years? Some of these insurance law suits are so frivolous that I’m amazed they even make it to an official court hearing. We all remember the woman that sued the fast food franchise because she spilled hot coffee on herself; I bet their cheap insurance rates are a thing of the past.

These two women that are suing Greyhound and the RCMP for their “trauma” after a guy they didn’t know was murdered in front of them. Sure that’s not nice and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes but really…..a law suit? What if they were sitting in a park and the same thing happened? Would you sue the Parks Commission? How can we expect cheap insurance quotes when there is so many lawsuits on the go? And hey, why were you taking the bus? You don’t have much available cash to throw around, right? So the bus is an alternative form of transport for those of us that are basically poor and can’t even afford the cheap insurance on an old car. Now it’s bad enough ticket prices are going up due to the rising gas prices but these women are going to try to take money from Greyhound who, in turn, will take money from their customers to compensate the loss and the inevitable raise of their formerly cheap insurance rates. Hence, even higher prices for a bus ticket.

Cheap Insurance
Cheap Insurance - Goooood bye!

I absolutely agree that if this incident cost those women any money, say for a psychiatrist or for any medication to help them through the fright of what happened, then they should be compensated. The only people deserving of any monies from Greyhound is the immediate family of the man who lost his income and worse, his life, and who might not even have had life insurance, let alone cheap, affordable life insurance.

No one else on the bus is suing. I’m sure they were affected by the gruesome incident too but they aren’t trying to get insurance money for nothing. Too many people are allowed to get away with this “I’m entitled” attitude and like enabling parents we let these people waste our precious court time and give them a reward for bad behaviour. No wonder cheap insurance is fast becoming a thing of the past.

I was working for a government office for over 2 years on a contract. Due to union rules I had to be released from that department or I could have grieved to the union for a permanent position and that wasn’t possible due to a hiring freeze. Seeing as I worked well my boss didn’t want to lose me and suggested the 2 year position in another department. Everyone in the office did everything they could to coach me through the panel interview. Needless to say I was given the position.

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Oops... there goes my cheap insurance...

We went for a celebratory beer after work. As everyone began to leave I grabbed my purse and said my good bye and headed for the door. My new boss hollered to wait up he was going leaving too. When we got to my car, out of the blue, he asked me for a kiss. I refused on the grounds that he was a married man and I was in a relationship. By the end of that week I was given a very generous notice. If I remember correctly it was at least 2 months but none the less it was my notice.

I quietly left and found a great job with a large food manufacturer. I really couldn’t be bothered to go through the red tape and the bull crap that would come with an insurance law suit. Although everyone said I should and that the companies’ insurance would pay big. Over a year later I had a detective call me and asked me to explain what happened to me at the Ministry because one of the other girls in the department was suing the boss for harassment and she told him about me. The investigator asked why I didn’t do anything when I felt wronged. “I’m a simple girl.” I answered him. “It was easier to find a new job than to start a fight.” He was right when he said I missed a huge insurance cashing in opportunity there….but I’m good with my decision. Yes, I sometimes struggle with cash flow and have to look for cheap insurance rates on things like car insurance and home insurance, but I sleep well at night, knowing I’m not a greedy person.

I want to say the same to the courts. Stop allowing this nonsense that wastes our time and precious resources as it has made cheap insurance quotes impossible to find. You won’t ever stop the lawyers from trying to make fast insurance money but the courts need not entertain these ridiculous suits by allowing them court time. If the court system did, put a stop to it, maybe finding cheap insurance would get a little easier.

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