Comparing car insurance

Comparing Car Insurance Tips!

When comparing car insurance, you need to be careful and make sure you are comparing apples to apples, not apples to bananas. Insurance policies can vary widely from one to another and you really need to make sure that, if you found a cheap insurance quote that blows away a competing insurance company’s rate, you are getting the insurance policy you were really looking for. When you are comparing car insurance, it is all in the fine print.

Car insurance companies are notorious for not telling their customers “the little details” such as insurance deductable amounts and glass coverage. When shopping and comparing car insurance quotes, ask questions and make sure you get the needed details. In some insurance policies, the amount payable as deductable is more than the damage incurred. Can you image paying 500 dollars to cover a repair worth 400 bucks? It hardly makes sense, and yet it does happen, as some people jump right to the insurance company for a claim, no matter what the numbers are, strange.

Comparing Car Insurance
Comparing car insurance deals, good luck with this one...

Another tip you need to know about when comparing car insurance companies, is to make sure you know how claims affect your insurance rates. I’ve seen instances when a person kept making an insurance claim every time the windshield needed replacement in the car he drove. His insurance deductable was small so he simply kept making insurance claims and having the glass replaced as needed. What this poor fellow didn’t realise is that his insurance premiums kept going up and up. Before he knew it, his monthly insurance rates were higher annually than if had paid for the windshields himself. While comparing car insurance rates is the optimum time to find out these kinds of insurance issues. Those kinds of dreadful surprises can be avoided.

More comparing car insurance tips!

When comparing car insurance companies, you should use an insurance broker who you get along with and who will work in your best interest. His insurance experience should be deep and he should be able to answer any insurance problem related questions you can generate. Another good tip is to make sure you get along good with him. It sounds like a no brainer but heed the words. If ever you need some backup in the case of an insurance claim, the insurance broker will be your go to guy.

Comparing Car Insurance Firms
Comparing car insurance for classics...

Another great tip when comparing car insurance is to make sure you have the contact information you need in case you need to make a call and get answers to insurance related questions. Also, when you compare car insurance quotes, be careful with online insurance companies as some can be hard to get a hold of once they have your money.

All in all, use common sense when you’re comparing car insurance firms. Write down your questions and get them answered. Go with the company you feel the most comfortable with.

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