Home insurance. Use caution.

There are a lot of home insurance companies out there looking for your hard earned dollars. These companies know that once they have you, the home owner, as a customer paying insurance premiums, you will likely be a source of profit for them for decades to come. Millions of home owners buy house insurance year after year without ever once filling claims. If you consider how much money each and every single home insurance client pays every year and multiply the amount by how many homes are being insured, the number you get is staggering. We’re talking billions of hard earned, after tax dollars.

Home Insurance
"Honey, did you remember to make the home insurance payment?"

You might ask “Sure, but they have expenses, like claims”. Yes there are insurance claims that get called in. Its just a mathematical fact that if you are a home insurance company that sells home insurance to millions of home owners, you will have claims called in on a daily basis. The truth is though, the claims can be declined and as a home insurance company, declining or fighting a claim can be way to reduce the expense of the insurance claims. It is an ugly truth indeed, but it is a truth nonetheless and one you need to be aware of as a home insurance purchaser.

Home Insurance - not cheap
I'd hate to pay the home insurance on this place...

As a home insurance customer, you need to be informed and educated. Don’t just pick out a house insurance company in your local phone book and buy home insurance. Do some leg work. Talk to friends and see who they use. Shop around and talk to insurance brokers. Many cheap insurance brokers specialise in house insurance and deal with many companies. They know the habits of their respective insurance companies and will negotiate a deal for you be letting them bid against each other for your business. A much added benefit of using a home insurance broker is that if you do have a claim in the future, the broker will be an asset in your corner, to make sure your claim gets taken care of and that you are treated fairly. The last thing the home insurance broker wants is a dissatisfied customer. Word of mouth is very important in the insurance business. Also, don't forget to ask him or her about auto insurance.

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