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Insurance Brokers Can Be Good!

Do you use insurance brokers? You should, as they can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to saving you money on insurance premiums. They can also be very handy in the case of an insurance claim where you might need an ally to make dealing with the insurance company easier. Good insurance brokers can be very valuable.

Insurance brokers normally deal with several insurance companies who, in effect, compete for your business. The agent usually gets paid by the brokerage who in turn gets paid by the insurance companies on the deals they’ve sent. When you finally decide on a specific insurance company and a particular policy, your insurance broker will get the paperwork completed with you and take payment from you, usually payable to the brokerage.

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Your insurance brokers should not look like this...

Effectively, insurance brokers are middlemen between you and the various insurance companies in the market place. An insurance broker is sort of an insulator, which can be a good thing as his income is very much dependent on good word of mouth so if you have an insurance problem, it is in his best interest to make sure things go smoothly and that you remain a happy customer. The last thing your insurance broker needs is to get a bad reputation in his local market and one bad referral has more weight then ten good ones in the insurance business.

Good insurance brokers can be hard to find.

If your insurance broker works hard and does a good job for you, you should definitely promote him to your family and friends. It is sort of way of thanking him, in a way, and part of his business is referrals.

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Find good professional insurance brokers!

You should certainly be aware that not all insurance brokers are the same. Some are greedy and don’t give two cents about you. These types of brokers are only out for one thing, to get commission and push as many sales as they can. They will sell you policies you don’t need and you will probably never hear from them again after they have your money. Your insurance premiums will be jacked up to tilt. It is sad, but unfortunately, these guys exist. That’s why it is a good idea when you do find someone that cares and has a solid customer service model, to refer him to friends and family who may desperately need such an insurance broker.

When it comes to finding insurance brokers, make sure you ask people who they use and would recommend. Many of your friends have probably used a broker for car insurance or home insurance. Meet two or three of them and get a feel for what they are about. That way, you can be sure your doing your best to weed out potential predatory insurance brokers.

Good luck!

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