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Insurance claim, what did you expect?

Doing an insurance claim can be a real pain in the butt. Are you ready for your insurance claim adventure? You better be, because once you launch your insurance claim and the adjuster gets a hold of you, you may be in for some fun. These guys’ only purpose is to save the insurance company money and your feelings are not part of the equation. They get paid to deal with you and insulate the insurance company from your nagging and whining. Yep, it short, the insurance claim adjuster is not your friend, but your enemy.

Insurance Claim
Insurance claim coming right up after the race...

You see insurance claim company commercials all day long on television making promises of good service and kind, helpful representatives. You wish, once you become a client, you become nothing but a number. You have become an asset of the insurance claims company and all that matters to them is that your money comes in every month to pay for the insurance premiums. Should you have an accident and file an insurance claim, well, you have to follow due process and suffer the consequences.

The insurance claim adjuster will lie to you, he will give you as little information as possible and there is nothing you can do about it. He is there to act as a buffer between you & the insurance claim company and should there be problems, there is little chance your voice will be heard. You can get some assistance from your insurance broker, if you were smart enough to go through one, if not, well, you can always become a Buddhist and forget about your insurance claim.

Insurance Claim Pool
Insurance claim - Yep!

If you want to be pro active in regards to insurance claims, you should buy insurance through an insurance broker who deals with many insurance companies and who will shop your insurance needs, such as when comparing car insurance and buying car insurance, to get you the best insurance deal and insurance terms. Befriend an insurance broker today and save some money and headaches. Your insurance broker will give you rock bottom insurance quotes and if you ever have to do an insurance claim, he will be your greatest ally. Have fun out there!

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