Do you need Motorcycle insurance?

You bought a bike and motorcycle insurance is last on your mind. Right? Wrong. Motorcycle insurance should be the first thing on your mind. Even if the motorcycle is a dirt bike. The single  biggest reason is theft. Bikes are easy to steal and are fairly easy to strip and sell in parts. It happens every day, in every city so having motorcycle insurance just makes sense. Should you shinny new bike get ripped off before you get motorcycle insurance, good luck getting your bike back. Most stolen bikes are never recovered and never seen again. You’ll just have to save up for another one and maybe you’ll be smart enough next time and get motorcycle insurance. Harsh but true.

Motorcycle Insurance
Old bikes need motorcycle insurance too.

If your financed your new bike, you have to have motorcycle insurance before the bike can leave the store. The bank has to protect their investment and will make sure, you don’t skip the important step of protecting the bike with motorcycle insurance. This also applies to quads, trikes and mopeds or scooters. Having insurance is a wise strategy and you shouldn’t skip it to save a few bucks. Think about how long it took you to save up for that nice Harley Davidson, the cost of insurance is a pittance compared to having to save up the cost of the bike again. Motorcycle and car insurance starts to look rather cheap if a person looks at it that way. And in the end, its all about what goes on your head that matters. With good motorcycle insurance coverage, you’ll sleep easy at night knowing your covered in case the worst happens.

Motorcycle Insurance - Hot Rod
Some motorcycle insurance policies cost more than others...

Another thing you should consider is using an insurance broker to acquire your insurance. These folks specialise in working with several insurance companies to compare programs and rates to custom tailor your insurance to your specific insurance needs. You want to make sure your have full coverage in the riding season but only have fire and theft insurance during the storage months, like the snowy days of winter. Doing do can save you a lot of money not paying for full coverage during the seasons you aren’t enjoying the bike. Your motorcycle insurance broker should be able to set you up with an insurance policy that makes sense for you. Talk to a few before making a decision. Also, you might want to ask for an insurance quote for life insurance. Shopping around can go a long way in keeping more of your money in your wallet.

Now go out and get some miles on that bike!

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