Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Do you use pet insurance? If you are like millions of people around the world, you have a pet. Due to the rising cost of pet health care many people have pet insurance these days. The majority of pets are cats and dogs but there are plenty of snakes, spiders, iguanas, various birds and ferrets out there that are loved by their owners. If you don’t have pet insurance that love can be very expensive when health issues arise in our pets.
Pet Insurance Bliss...

To some people pet insurance sounds a bit ridiculous when most of us can’t even afford proper cheap insurance for ourselves and our families. However, if you are in a position to afford this protection for your pet, I highly recommend looking into pet health insurance in your area.

If you do not have pet insurance, there are some veterinarians that are brave enough to allow their patient’s owners to pay over time. This has been proven over the years to be hard on the health care providers. They have spent time and resources to help an animal and unfortunately people have repeatedly neglected paying what they owe. Then time must be spent not attending to the health of animals but trying to retrieve payment for the services or even worse wasting time on pursuing litigation, which could have been avoided with a telephone call to a pet insurance company.

If you already have a cherished veterinarian, go and talk to them and see if they have a particular pet insurance provider that they recommend. They may already have a working relationship with a pet health insurance provider and would be able to advise you about the services.

My son came home with a little black rabbit one Friday afternoon. I wasn’t long after Easter so I figured someone either abandoned the little guy or lost him. Whatever the reason, I ended up with a very sick bunny rabbit and it was after business hours and the weekend was starting. Great. I knew this was going to cost me because I didn’t have pet insurance.

The rabbit was having breathing problems and a very runny nose. I had two cats at home and I was worried that he could make the cats ill. Naturally I called the vet office and they had stayed late for a meeting and told me to come on over. A few hours later and $102.00 lighter, due to the lack of pet insurance, I was home with the bunny and his medicine. The vet assured me that the cats were safe and he felt that if the bunny was going to pull through he should show improvement by Tuesday at the latest. Well he did. By Monday afternoon the bunny was running around the apartment and my two cats, Humphrey and Bogart were in love with him. All was well in our little animal kingdom until the next Saturday. The bunny was showing his symptoms again. I still had a little of the medicine left so I started treating him and made an appointment for Monday morning.

Monday morning came and when I went to wake my son for school and give the bunny his medicine, it was too late. The poor little thing had died during the night. I let my son sleep in until I could deal with the dearly departed.

Pet Insurance Saves Money

I didn’t see it as wasting $102.00 even though it came from a single mom’s modest bank account. But, with two cats and immunizations and neutering, I could have saved myself a lot of money over the years by buying pet insurance. It’s easier to pay $15 or so every month than having to come up with hundreds of dollars when a health incident arises with your pet.

Look around for pet insurance and get insurance quotes. Speak to your veterinarian. Keep on loving your pets.

And remember please adopt from your local Humane Society. Don’t buy a pet if you don’t need to.
Also, remember the Humane Society during the year like you do with the local food bank. Every so often bring in some food for a donation. Buying pet insurance is one thing, but without the organizations that care for the pets we love, pet insurance would be useless.

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